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     I am a head injury survivor of nine operations. From confused dyslexic with memory issues plus reduced English capacity, I have a unique understanding of how

the brain functions and a body recovers.

I offer training courses and workshops on the following:


        Stress buster – manage your mind for a stress free life

                This course is designed as a modern day answer to the frantic, over busy frazzled world. There are insights into the causes of stress and effective  strategies to   reduce them. A step by step approach will empower you to take control of your life and plan for a stress free future.


     Your Infinite Mind  

This course is designed for you to maximise your brain for success. More than a positive thinking course it will allow you to manage your brain to  develop       greater creativity and problem solving skills.  There are also benefits in improved memory, learning capabilities and mental flexibility.


Get your life back – maximise your mind and body, live a life of colour

         This course is designed to maximise your recovery potential. The course combines a mind & body approach based on my own recovery journey. A unique   range of strategies and tactics are included to create maximum momentum to facilitate recovery. This will allow you to energise your mind rejuvenate       your recovery  and take control of your future.


 The Psychology of a Healthy Lifestyle

             The package is not about diets it`s not about calorie`s and it`s not about blame. There are no recommended calorie levels, nor suggestions about which               particular diet  is best for you. The course opens with a serious overview of the events of the last 45 years in the UK, with specific reference to the increased weight     and size of the population as a whole. In one sense maybe it should be called the neuro psychology of slimming. It`s about Food and the Brain etc.



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