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 I am an International Author, Speaker and Trainer. I am a head injury survivor of fifteen operations and have a unique understanding of how the brain functions and a body recovers.

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To Argue with Oblivion

A True Story of Catastrophe and Recovery


Revised book cover oct 2022

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Fifteen operations, two radiotherapies, a week in a coma and a month in a wheelchair

He was seemingly broken beyond repair or redemption.

Anthony knew he was dying, he desperately wanted his life back

Follow his  story of unrelenting hope, personal responsibility and recovery.



After a series of medical misdiagnoses Anthony Wright is very fortunate not to be permanently blinded. He has a Brain tumour but it is too large for radiotherapy with no suitable drugs to treat it. Anthony obtained copies of his scans and set out on a worldwide quest to secure the best treatment options.

But the main operation led directly to a medical crisis, requiring emergency surgeries. He was now on the critical list and briefly died on the operating table. Emergency operations followed and his wife was warned that he might never leave the hospital. From crisis then to coma, he knew he was dying.

Anthony was now in a life or death struggle confining him to intensive care, losing a third of his body weight in eight weeks. He was left in a wheel chair, facially disfigured, Brain damaged with impaired speech, losing his job, identity and any hope of a normal future

He was seemingly broken beyond repair or redemption. He desperately wanted his life back and set out on a journey of recovery; there were many physical and emotional challenges it took 15 operations in all. It took him two years to walk, and nearly five years to speak properly.

This is an inspirational real life story of personal responsibility, recovery and unrelenting hope.


My book is a Non-fiction memoir and a true story based on my own experiences. The book covers a full range of medical adventures – Fifteen operations, a near death experience, crippled, disabled and then the journey back to a full and active life. So perhaps it is a mix of memoir, self-help, psychology with personal growth and mental health?

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Revised book cover oct 2022





What do people say? – a full editorial review by a former Booker prize judge was headed as follows:


“Thank you for sending this manuscript in for assessment. I think reading it at any time would have made me feel emotional and left me impressed. But reading this story of bravery and recovery right now, when there is so much going on in the world, was certainly an experience. Your determination and ability are inspiring. You write about your struggles and triumphs with clarity and control. The end of chapter nine – brought tears to my eyes. I hope you feel proud – and determined for the future.”



About the Author

“I am an independent author – this is a true story  It was 2005 and I desperately wanted my life back. Due to surgical complications I was comprehensively demolished, seemingly broken beyond repair or redemption. Initially through my own recovery programs plus the efforts of family and friends I was able to rebuild.

But ultimately the task proved beyond hope, it was a disheartening failure. I freely admit to being pushed to the edge of mental oblivion, a complete and absolute defeat.

I was very fortunate in the recovery journey to secure additional support which turned the situation around and allowed a more comprehensive rebuilding process to continue. This vital contribution was quite complex in nature requiring contributions from worldwide leading edge medical ideas.

I hope you follow my story of hope responsibility and rejuvenation; in the process discovering your own unique and amazing recovery.

Good Luck in your recovery journey”


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 An inspiring book. I found myself eager to read to the end in one sitting. The author’s genuine commitment to sharing his recovery journey with others is clear. He offers the inspirational idea that we can contribute to our healing alongside medical interventions. What is particularly valuable is the practical format with the ‘fill your life with colour’ plan with sensible suggestions about lifestyle, diet, levels of activity as well as awareness of how our emotions can affect us. This little book will help people avoid common pitfalls after illness or injury. Highly recommended for anybody who wishes to actively participate in their recovery.

A wonderful and inspiring book, talking the reader through Antony’s journey to recovery. This is not a quick fix or a solution that requires the reader to buy expensive products. It is a simple and practical solution to support anyone who has experienced a serious physical or mental set back, is suffering from depression or who is struggling to get well. I would definitely recommend this book.




I also offer training courses and workshops on the following:



        Stress buster – manage your mind for a stress free life

                This course is designed as a modern day answer to the frantic, over busy frazzled world. There are insights into the causes of stress and effective  strategies to  reduce them. A step by step approach will empower you to take control of your life and plan for a stress free future.


     Your Infinite Mind  

This course is designed for you to maximize your brain for success. More than a positive thinking course it will allow you to manage your brain to develop  greater creativity and problem solving skills. There are also benefits in improved memory, learning capabilities and mental flexibility.



Get your life back – maximise your mind and body, live a life of colour

         This course is designed to maximise your recovery potential. The course combines a mind & body approach based on my own recovery journey. A unique  range of strategies and tactics are included to create maximum momentum to facilitate recovery. This will allow you to energize your mind rejuvenate  your recovery and take control of your future.


 The Psychology of a Healthy Lifestyle

             The package is not about diets it`s not about calorie`s and it`s not about blame. There are no recommended calorie levels, nor suggestions about which     particular diet  is best for you. The course opens with a serious overview of the events of the last 45 years in the UK, with specific reference to the increased weight  and  size of the population as a whole. In one sense maybe it should be called the neuro psychology of slimming. It`s about Food and the Brain etc.






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