Tracy Morgan’s unfortunate accident and ongoing recovery efforts offer hope to the thousands of survivors of traumatic injury. His inspirational recovery story has been followed by millions of people and the press worldwide. While it may be unfortunate that these types of horrific injuries are brought into the public light more sharply when they happen to high profile individuals, it is a fact that these types of injuries happen every day and are thus very deserving of more public attention.

Anthony Wright believes anyone can self heal. He sees Tracy Morgan’s success as proof that recovery happens when motivation and determination to recover become the focus of one’s daily life. Tracy Morgan is a role model who inspires people to persevere. Wright offers the following advice not only to Morgan, but also to all sufferers of traumatic injury.

“I always say recovery is a journey of 1000 steps. There is no need to rush, it’s important to take the time to get well.”

“Brain injury is a complex area with maybe 1001 issues to deal with, but mastering the stress/fatigue work load will win through 99% of the time.”

“Find 101 reasons to get well – write them down and keep a record of your progress”

“Take a mind and body approach, learn to grow a little every day.”

“It all takes a bit of help, time and patience.”

“And finally, I would say to Tracy Morgan ‘Good luck in your recovery from across the pond’. If I can be of any assistance, just ask.”

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About Anthony Wright:

Anthony Wright inspires recovery. As the result of a brain tumor, he died once, was brain damaged, nearly blinded, crippled and his face collapsed. He lost 75% of his hearing, his job, his career, his identity and his future. Today he can run two miles or walk ten. He lifts weights and plays golf (better than before, he claims). He is now a speaker, a self recovery trainer and an author of the book on self recovery.


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