To Argue With Oblivion

After a series of medical misdiagnosis Anthony Wright discovers he has a brain tumour. Still reeling from the shock he learns that he is threatened with permanent blindness. It was a medical impossibility the odds were 100 million to 1 against, but he was correct in his findings.

Later operations did not go so well, He was now on the critical list and actually died (briefly) on the operating table. Now in a coma; no-one thought he would survive. There were more shocks to follow from being confined to a wheel chair, facial disfigurement, impaired speech, losing his job, his career, identity and quite possibly his future. He suffered minor brain damage with mood, memory and unrelenting fatigue.

He freely admits that he was probably the world’s worst patient and never accepted the medical verdicts. He wanted his life back; it took 15 operations in all. To put it in his own words: “I found depths I did not know I had, I was in the waiting room of the afterlife and all I wanted to do was to come home”

But this is a story of taking responsibility, empowerment and unrelenting expectation. You’ll begin to understand as you follow the journey as the human spirit triumphs over adversity. Despite 101 setbacks there was always a way forward, a way to improve and to get well.

This is his story.

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