Your Infinite Mind


This course is about how the brain functions and how to maximise its potential. There is particular reference to the natural tendencies of the brain and how this can work for or against you.  

  • The Neuro-plasticity process is explained with both the positive and negative implications  

  • The size and limitations of the short term memory are discussed along with possible implications

  • Issues such had brain fatigue are outlined with implications for the thought processes

  • Creativity and problem solving are key parts of the brain function.  But these need the right environment and encouragement to work

  • There is an outline of how the brain learns plus how it remembers and how to improve this process are outlined with practical guidelines  

  • The value of brain exercise is outlined along with practical ways to implement. The potential benefits are discussed  

  • A key point is the brain not a computer and it requires a healthy body for its key supplies

  • Overall a plan is provided (a practical guide) to help keep a brain sharp  






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