The Stress buster course


This course is designed as a modern day answer to the frantic, over busy frazzled world. There are insights into the causes of stress and effective strategies to reduce them. A step by step approach will empower you to take control of your life and plan for a stress free future.

  • The origins of stress are explained and linked to the modern day equivalents, with explanations as to why and how people are unwittingly creating stress in their own life
  • Brain functionality is explained with particular reference to what happens when a brain does not work so well
  • Both brain fatigue and cognitive overload are explained with possible solutions
  • Alternative strategies are offered to manage workload and particularly to rest the brain
  • The causes of stress are investigated with particular reference outside influences and internal references that may be causing the problem
  • The needs of the brain are explained with particular reference to diet and activity.
  • The value of a mind body approach to the problem is explained both in terms of reducing stress and successfully managing the existing workload
  • An action plan is offered to successfully manage the future life and allow the body and brain to work willingly to its full potential


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