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You Can Self Heal: How to Use the Natural Healing Power of Your Mind & Body eBook: Anthony Wright: Kindle Store

 Book Content – Self Healing – Get Your Life Back


You Can Self Heal –  sample pages from the book

In the early part of recovery set small goals



I am the survivor of nine operations, two radiotherapies, week in a coma, month in a wheelchair.  Both mind and body were comprehensively broken
– I wanted my life back.

This book outlines for you all of the positive steps I took in my own recovery and will enable you to self heal, revitalise your natural healing power. You will able to encourage and motivate all the resources of your mind and body to self-heal. The book is a map or guide that will offer a structured, self-managed approach for your own healing.

The message from the book is: Live a life of colour  Get your life back

  • This will motivate a positive approach to your healing process, to live a life of colour
  • Inspire a mind and body approach to self-healing – heal your body, heal your mind
  • How to motivate and encourage your body to Self-heal
  • Inspire your mind –  that recovery is a state of mind
  • Self-managed recovery so you maximise your body’s natural healing power
  • A natural healing approach, inspiring and motivating your body’s own self-healing resources to get well


Your body may need some encouragement to self-heal and recover. You might undermine your own natural healing potential as there are 101 ways you can prevent a full recovery.  The book will explain the following for you:

  • Why you might get stalled in recovery with solutions to revitalise your condition.
  • The causes and consequences of “survivor`s mind-state” with solutions to overcome the condition and enrich your life.
  • How to enjoy a full life of colour, overcoming challenges and adversity in recovery.


Overall the positive benefits to you will be:

  • A hands-on outline plan for day-to-day self-healing, to encourage your recovery.
  • Empower and motivate you to take responsibility for your own health and get your life back, this is about pride and self-respect.
  • You will understand the psychology of long-term medical conditions – with thought provoking solutions to enrich your recovery.
  • How to work with (and challenge) the medical professionals and enlist your Doctor.


Utilising the body`s natural healing power I have developed a mind and body approach to self-healing.  This will help you in your journey of recovery and maximise your recovery potential.



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