Self Healing Goals

Understand the Self Healing Process

One of the least understood parts of the healing process is the immense drain on the body’s reserves and resources. A healing body places significantly greater demands on both the body’s physical reserves and mental stamina. It is very important to
address these issues and take action to provide the resources for the body to repair itself. This is why rest periods for both mind and body are important and why a quality diet is essential at this time. Physical or mental fatigue will reduce your will – understand this and take action.

Take the time, Self Healing takes time

Television and films often show the hero damaged or broken in the first scene and then running around and jumping like an Olympic athlete just 35 minutes later. It makes for a good story, but the real world is different. For example, one of the more minor issues I had to deal with was that I lost the touch / taste function on one side of my tongue. If you have ever drunk coffee that was too hot – and your tongue was just numb one side you will know what I am describing. The difference is this was on-going for many months. The nerve had not been cut or lost. It was just bruised from all the swelling, post operation. It took fully 12 months for full function to return – sometimes the body just takes time.

In the early part of recovery – set small goals

The more recent any medical intervention, the more damaged and weaker you will be. What is possible four months from an operation will be very different from what you can do four weeks from the same operation. In the past, the average stays in hospitals were weeks, sometimes months, for what today are considered minor operations. The modern way is that patients are sent home after just a few days. This means that you may go home before you are completely recovered.
It is very important in this early stage of the recovery not to put too many demands on your body. A few simple, small or easy goals will help your state of mind, without endangering your health. In the early days, safe and steady is a good plan.

When you are better, stronger the next stage is….

Find 101 reasons to get well – write them down

A large part of any recovery is your motivation. Most people are motivated by the volume and strength of the reasons behind their actions. In other words, the greater the cause or desire driving the activity, the greater the commitment to action will be. It also offers the greater chance of a successful outcome.

Work out in your mind all the reasons why you want to get well and all the things that you will be able to do as a consequence of recovery. Now write these down in your recovery diary. You should refer back to them on the days when things do not go quite so well.

The reasons “why” you do something are infinitely more important than the reasons “how


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