Training Workshop


The workshop is more exercised based, exploring the implications for the individual and the company with reference to the modern business environment


Introduction – what is Neuro-plasticity?


Why it is important to understand it – a thinking economy


How the brain functions

Chemistry and wiring – New tasks and memory – changing functions
What happens when the brain does not function correctly?
Brain fatigue – causes symptoms consequences
Cognitive overload – Too much at once –the modern sicknessShort term vs long term memory – Capacity overload consequences

Group exercise –Workplace Implications of a) and b)

individual/team morale , creativity, problem solving, learning, adaptability to change, stress, reduced capacity/capability, poor performance, conflict issues, staff retention, legal issues, depression


How we can manage the Brain and encourage the process of Neuroplasticity

Group exercise – What could we do to affect our brain in a positive way?

Mind and body – diet and exercise and oxygen

Mindfulness meditation

Exercise your brain – raise the bar

Neuroplasticity and learning new tasks/skills

Rewiring/rerouting – building links



What are the advantages of a brain receptive to new skills and information
Group exercise


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