1. The Brain is organic

2. The brain has key needs

3. Even light exercise can help Neuroplasticity

4. Strong links between regular exercise and cellular replacement


The brain is not a computer – It is 100% organic and requires primarily oxygen, fluids, sugars and key nutrients. All of these are supplied by the blood supply and in fact the brain gets priority of blood supply out of all proportion to its size and weight. The process of Neuroplasticity is almost entirely dependent on a combination of theses resources, without them the process will be impaired.


Overall is very important to apply a mind and body approach. The key way to improve potential of the brain is to improve both blood supply and blood quality. The blood supply links directly to the heart rate, respiratory function and blood pressure. In this case regular exercise can help all three.


Interestingly there are studies that seem to show physical exercise has a positive effect on the amount of cell replacement in the brain – and also seems to reduce the natural shrinkage of the pathways (associated shrinking with age)


It’s not necessary to become a 3 hour a day gym rat, just regular light exercise 2-3 days a week will massively improve the mental potential. There are benefits for stress reduction and body fatigue.


It’s worth remembering that even simple physical movements are controlled by the brain so there is actually a direct link between movement and some brain-activity. In the case of even the most severe head injury survivors, movement and physical activity/coordination is seen as an important route to recovery.


The second part is diet, full function of the brain requires around 200 different key nutrients to work. It’s very unlikely you will find all of these in one food, junk restaurants or ready meals.


There is one possible exception – which is oily fish – mackerel tuna etc. These hold many of the key building blocks in our vital brain chemistry. But one portion a fortnight will do fine – 27 cans over weekend will not alter your brain in any significant way – other than you won`t like fish very much?


As a crude guideline the more varied the food the better, with the emphasis on fresh food rather than processed. I make the point that it’s not easy to artificially alter the brain chemistry, it’s much easier (and safer) for your health to apply natural solutions.


Once again sleep and rest are important It is important to view the night`s sleep as part of a healthy package that will allow the brain to learn/function and then remember the following day.

To look after your body you look after your mind

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