This 1-day, interactive workshop is a stimulating blend of Neuroscience, Physiology and Psychology designed to enable individuals and teams to function at peak performance.

Delegates are given a clear understanding of how their habits of thought affect their performance and emotional well-being as well as the interdependence between Body and Brain and are given simple blend of small changes in their habits which will enable them to enhance and develop their mental capacity.

Recent understanding of Neuroplasticity (the ongoing development of the brain and its capacity for recovery) from extreme trauma is given flesh by the living example of presenter Anthony Wright who lost essential functions such as balance, sight and hearing after life saving surgery to remove a brain tumour.  Anthony’s story of recovery clearly demonstrates that our brains can grow, adapt and improve throughout our lives and no matter what challenges are put in our way.

This is an accessible, science based course which will enable delegates to realise their full potential and take control of the challenges which may have been perceived as getting in the way of their   goals and ambitions. They will understand that they need never be limited by their genetics, their upbringing, their family history , their education, the influence of their peer group, their colleagues, their  bosses, finance limitations, health, medical challenges or anything else, they will learn that the answer is entirely under their own control.

The processes and procedures taught by current and bygone management and lifestyle gurus are helpful and relevant so why can’t they heed Nike’s advice and ‘Just Do It’

Cutting edge Neuroscience has revealed how your mind and simple body chemistry and new understanding of Neuro plasticity drives our emotional responses good and bad, and the simple steps anyone can apply to take control  of your outcomes.

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