Brain functionality and Depression

or what if Depression is an outcome of another condition?

The anti-depressant epidemic for me is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. In the USA now 20-30 million are on regular medication and growing at 5-10% each year. A further mystery is the apparent lack of correlation between the condition known as depression and the actual functionality of the patients mind. In our own Health Care System they do have a basic check list to establish if someone is (clinically) depressed, but very seldom do they then conduct further checks to see if the brain is actually working properly.

What I am suggesting here is that, a fully working functional brain is most likely to be a happy brain. While a dysfunctional brain would quite reasonably impact on mood, mind states and might actually indicate as depression. If the brain was not working quite as it should; from the patient’s perspective life would seem very difficult indeed.  Simple tasks would seem immense, overwhelming in nature.  Setbacks would be commonplace and frustration a way of life. Imagination and problem solving might be reduced, along with outlook and general mood. The qualified amongst you might agree that these are indeed common symptoms of depression.

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