Why Self-Managed Recovery for Self Healing ?


Recovery is a state of mind.
Self Managed Recovery is a state of empowerment.

Take Responsibility for Your Own Health
There is a paradox here; modern medicine contains some of the brightest minds, with the most advanced equipment and medications available. One of the unfortunate consequences of all this is that increasingly, patients are less inclined to take responsibility for their own health. You may have one of the best medical teams in the world looking after you. If you see them four times in a year, that still leaves 361 days of the year that you don’t see them.

These 361 days are also important.

There are conditions, both physical and mental that require an ongoing “life management” approach to minimize their detrimental effects and maximize life’s potential. Even seemingly minor conditions create the possibility of longer term impacts on physical or mental health. It is vital to apply all aspects of the bodies physical and mental resources to recover and repair.

In this way you can mobilize the bodies own Self Healing powers

Physical conditions can impact on the mind, leading to poor or unhelpful states, sometimes even changing a patients personality. While poor mind states, can impact on physical activity and eventually, physical well-being. Long term conditions, especially poor mind states can require ongoing attention.

A self managed approach allows the patient to take charge of their own health and well-being, on an ongoing basis. This enables a process of life-style management to maximize their potential.

The courses are designed for you to achieve a self managed recovery, live a life of colour.

With recovery, as in life, the more you put in the more you will get out

Many patients think that someone else can or will complete a recovery for them. Whilst it’s true that there are many experts and helpers who can assist them, this misses the essential point which is: the Doctors, surgeons and nurses will do all in their power to help. But the rest is up to you.

It’s important to bear in mind that the only person who can recover is you -and the only person who can make that choice is yourself.  With recovery there is a direct relationship between the time and resource that you put into your activities and the likely achievements and capabilities that you will get back. The more you do the better it will


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