The course is a mind and body approach with the objective that every cell in your body is focused on the goal of recovery

  • The key message of the course is the value of self-managed recovery, work with the doctors and your medical services but ultimately it is your responsibility; only you can get well.
  • Both motivation and psychology are covered but beyond this Brain functionality is discussed with specific reference to how the brain changes during an extended period of illness.
  • Brain fatigue and cognitive overload are classic symptoms in the recovery process and are outlined with possible solutions
  • The placebo effect is discussed and explained with a view to enlisting this powerful force on your recovery journey
  • The body has its part to play and the implications of poor diet and physical activity are outlined along with the potential benefits of a comprehensive mind/body approach.
  • The reasons for set-backs are discussed the possible implications. More usefully plans offered as solutions to keep the recovery process on track.


Overall a simple plan is outlined to combine the most effective use of mind and body to energise the recovery and achieve maximum potential

Content and Format

The courses offer a non-technical overview on the interaction between the mind and body with particular reference to the consequences and outcomes from a period of physical or mental dysfunction. More usefully, a range of strategies and tactics are outlined which are compiled to create maximum momentum to facilitate recovery – get the self healing process moving. The objective of the course is to empower delegates to take ownership of the recovery process such that they contribute to their own growth every day. This creates an irresistible force on the goal of recovery.The courses offer simple day-to-day steps to rejuvenate both mind and body and fulfill your recovery.
The course format is based on a typical management-training program – but without the usual “role plays or management games”. There will be some exercises to assist in future plans, but these are ongoing practical guides rather than management games?

The whole process is confidential and there is no requirement to disclose any confidential or personal experiences – this is not a therapy session


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