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In addition to my training assignments I also undertake public speaking roles either speaking about Neuroplasticity and the Brain, or /overcoming setbacks . For further information please contact me by email.


What do people say?

Someone once said “If the mind can conceive it and the heart can believe it – you can achieve it.” Anthony is a living testimony to that latent, undiscovered God-implanted power within our minds to overcome the apparent impossible. Most are unaware that it even exists. It took a life change experience to awaken Anthony. I had the honour of meeting Anthony recently. He is a living inspiration. Recently I spent an enriching hour in company gaining valuable insight. Get inspired.




Personal Development Bureau – Caledonian Club London 2014


“Recovery is a journey of a thousand steps”






“A very moving personal account Tony – you are amazing the way you have come through it and an inspiration to others”


Short Introduction from the Training session with CIPD London

A three minute introduction to Anthony Wright – part of a lunchtime learning session on Neuroplasticity for CIPD Wimbledon office


Howard Hughes Interview “What do you do now?”


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