Self Heal – Why I wrote this book


If you are reading this book then I guess you, or someone close to you, has undergone a major medical trauma. My message to you is:

You Can Self Heal, You Can Get Well, You Can Get Your Life Back

A week after I was released from hospital, I attempted a short walk and couldn’t manage more than 600 metres. Technically I was well but had no capability to enjoy a normal life. I did not accept it then, I don’t accept it now.

This was a very special journey encompassing a complete “mind and body” approach to self healing and I have written down all the steps I took along the way.
The chapters in this book outline for you all the activities that I took in the recovery process.

It worked for me – it can work for you! You Can Self-Heal

Mind and Body

I set out on a journey of recovery. I adopted a mind and body approach and applied it every day. Initially it was just walking and golf, but in time I added gym / weights and then running. I undertook brain exercises, increasing the mental challenges to improve my cognitive processes. This was a journey that took me from near crippled, perhaps permanently disabled, to an active and fit adult. All the medical reasons for my inability to walk or run are still true today, but even medical professionals can no longer spot any disability on my part. I simply have to tell them, or they wouldn’t know.

The recovery program was certainly successful, actually enjoyable and beyond the scope of normal health care provision. It occurred to me that you might not be aware of the very positive things that you could do to help yourself to get better.

This book outlines all of the key activities I took, both physical and mental, towards securing a recovery.  I hope you can benefit from my experience to take control of your own life and empower yourself to get well.

I wish you all success in your own recovery.

Get Your Life Back!

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