This course is not about diets or calories.

The challenge in this area is that in most cases people have already tried 1001 diets but have not yet succeeded.

  • This course examines why people eat too much or the wrong sort of food and why they might eat when they’re not hungry.
  • The objective of the course is to enable delegates to be aware of the reasons list above them what they can do about it.
  • Brain functionality is explained this particular reference to the impact of certain food types on how the brain works with the potential implications for habitual and repeat behaviour.
  • There is special reference to the importance and implications for far sugar type foods with the high GI ratings
  • Delegates will also learn the underlying reasons for the false messages of hunger that the brain can sometimes create. There are plans offered to effectively manage the underlying reasons without resorting to food
  • The implications of high sugar and high salt diets are outlined with practical suggestions to make changes
  • A planned,combined mind and body approach is offered to create a better balanced life with less dependency on inappropriate food types

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