This course is not about diets or calories.

The challenge is: that in most cases people have already tried 101 diets but have not yet succeeded.


Joe and tony

The psychology of a healthy lifestyle

Presented by Joe O’Connor & Anthony Wright


This is a short introduction to the` Psychology of a healthy lifestyle`, this Programme exists  as a series of videos or a one day training course and a two day workshop

In one sense maybe it should be called the neuro psychology of slimming. It`s about Food and the Brain etc.

  • The package is not about diets it`s not about calorie`s and it`s not about blame. There are no recommended calorie levels, nor suggestions about which particular diet is best for you.
  • The course opens with a serious overview of the events of the last 45 years in the UK, with specific reference to the increased weight and size of the population as a whole.
  • The course proceeds to ask the fundamental questions why do people eat too much? Why do they eat when they are not hungry and why do they eat the wrong food
  • The course examines the links between certain foods and the brain. There is specific reference to changes in mood, energy levels and overall fatigue. It becomes apparent quite quickly that for some people food is no longer just about hunger needs and in the fact there may be four or five reasons why someone will feel hungry when they’re not
  • One of the biggest factors in all of this is brain confusion. Under certain circumstances it is possible for a brain not to be clear about exactly what it needs All too often people find solutions in high energy type snacks that do not really address their needs and of course create a weight problem
  • This effect is exaggerated when the brain learns to repeat this behaviour Creating an almost addictive problem with certain food types
  • The solution part of the course is learning to manage the real needs of the body. This then becomes more about an ongoing lifestyle where food is one of four or five solutions and not the answer to everything

The benefit of course to the course participant Is that they are able to manage their life and their weight rather better










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